Popular Adventure Sports Activities in Rishikesh

“Excitement, Fun, excellent AL fresco experience and activity! Hit against all these at the foothills of majestic Himalayas - The Holy Ganga examines your adventure professions and moves you to a trip of entertainment and excitement. There is something for everyone……from an expert to a beginner !”

Rishikesh, a fascinating city in the Bharat land of Uttarakhand, allows the adventure fans plenty of thrilling activities to examine their talents. It's fairly a religious place for dedicated travelers. Having spectacular temples and pilgrimages places, it's absolutely a traditional place where each corner has great stories to spell out.

Arrive and search the target where silence can be felt, an activity can be had and an event can be encountered among the gushing sound of crystal clear waters and tranquility.

Rishikesh, a clay of gods, peace, and adventure. Have a glimpse under at any of the courageous activities that one necessity does not give a miss during Rishikesh Tour:

River Rafting in Rishikesh


rafting One of the popular adventure games, White Water River Rafting brings thousands of tourists every year from various parts of the earth and provides them with a wonderful chance to raft forward the Holy Ganga.

It's a unique and exciting adventure all in all- rafting between the Rocky Hills, enjoying the soft touch of sparkling blue water, sensing of happiness and freshness in the surroundings of real forests, walking across the uncertain rapids will get your adrenaline pumping and will surely make your rafting adventure a remarkable one.

Brahmpuri Rafting

this rafting scratch is 12kms.

Shivpuri Rafting

Marindrive Rafting


Cliff Jumping


Cliff-jumping Extra wonderful sport is Cliff Jumping. One has to be actually strong to start on this fun as it includes diving from 35 ft height. Sports fans can raise their altitude according to their strength and courage.

The practice of diving in a healthful environment from the highest elevation will give you spine-chilling goosebumps. So strengthen yourself for the experience that you will treasure for many, many years to come!



Rappelling As you come to Rishikesh for a rafting adventure, don’t forget to plunge into a real brave and interesting sport described by rappelling.

Under the supervision of specialists, you can be assured of the safe and interesting adventure of Rappelling.
Things that will be given to the climbers are a harness, ropes, gloves, helmet, and slings, It can be enjoyed by all who have the power to attempt the cliffs.


Camping in Rishikesh:-

It can also enhance a part of your sport-adventure as you like the sports adventurous in Rishikesh.
Camping delivers the chance of sojourning between the emerald charm and tranquility of scenery. Besides, the visitants can enjoy perfect service and lots of enjoyable-filled activities onward the side of the bright blue water.





A very courageous sport in Rishikesh, Kayaking has achieved much honor between the adventure sports from all across the earth.
The Holy Ganges offers a bunch of excellent

rapids to initiate on a kayaking excursion.
Everyone can choose a rapid according to her / his health and physical strength. The primary equipment you will need to carry is a kayak boat, a life jacket, paddle, and a helmet.

Bungee Jumping

It is one of the most exciting activities for all who breathe life without worry.
One has to jump from a height of around 120 to 160 ft. after the jump, everyone can enjoy catching images of stunning surroundings on the camera.
The jumpers also receive a challenge to jump certificates which one must not ignore to receive before leaving.



Another very popular activity is remembered as Swing. It's offered out from bungee place from an altitude of 83 meters. One requires excellent power to make it, but the adventure is elating and breathtaking. Tourists can also buy the t-shirt published with images of the Swing.


Flying Fox

Do you want to fly above in the air? If fine, then examine one of the most thrilling sports - Flying Fox, which is carried out by three people at one time.
Solo can also do it by paying extra.
It's certainly a combination of excitement and adventure that tourists must try on their trip to Rishikesh.

Mountain Biking

About 20 km from the magnificent town of Rishikesh occupies Mohan Chatti where you can enjoy the encounter of Mountain Biking.
You can go controlling through the pleasant scenery and scenic that will surely take your inspiration on and give you with healthful experience to the cache for a lifetime.

Waterfall Trekking

If you want to give some time to your dear beloved among nature-rich Atmosphere, then got ready to experience the fun of Waterfall Trekking Rishikesh.
It allows you a chance of becoming closer to the environment, miles aside from the bustle and hustle of town living. This exercise can be encountered by groups of all age crowds. This will add spice to your adventuresome trekking activity.

Body Surfing


Air Safari


Paintball in Rishikesh


Adventure Sports Activities In Rishikesh Price Cost

Adventure Sports Activities In Rishikesh Cost
Camping in rishikesh
Camp Nature View

Rs1200 /- Rs2,200Per Person
1Night /2Days.
16 KMS rafting, camping, All meals



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