Camping in Rishikesh: A Guide to Adventure and Nature

Nestled inside the foothills of the Himalayas, Rishikesh is a city that has some thing for every person. This vacation spot in Uttarakhand has the whole lot from serene herbal splendor to interesting adventure sports activities. One of the exceptional methods to experience the exceptional of Rishikesh is through tenting. With its serene environment, lovely perspectives, and out of doors sports, Camps in Rishikesh is an experience like no other.
This article will take you thru everything you need to recognize about tenting in Rishikesh, from the first-rate time to visit the distinct types of camps to be had and the range of sports you may indulge in even as camping.

Camping in rishikesh
Camp Nature View

Rs1800 /- Rs2,200Per Person
1Night /2Days.
16 KMS rafting, camping , All meals


Rishikesh cottages
Rishikesh Cottages

Rs /-Per Person
1Night /2Days.
16 KMS rafting & camping and all adventure


River Rafting
River Side Resort

Rs /-Per Person
1Night /2Days.
17 KMS rafting, camping, and all adventure


Jungle Camping
Camp Hill Queen

Rs 1600/-Per Person
1Night /2Days.
16 KMS rafting, camping, and all adventure


Types of Rishikesh Camping Sites

Camping Price in Rishikesh
Type Mon-Fri Sat-Sun
Alpine Tent ₹ 500 ₹ 700
Alpine Tent with attached Washroom ₹ 700 ₹ 900
Swiss Tent ₹ 1000 ₹ 1200
Cottage ₹ 1200 ₹ 1700
Luxury Swiss Tent ₹ 1500 ₹ 2000

Adventure Activity in Rishikesh

Rishikesh Camping is not just about staying in a tent and enjoying the natural beauty around you. There is a range of activities that you can indulge in while camping, depending on your interests and preferences. Some of the most popular activities include:



most famous thrill-seeking activity is bungee jumping.

Asia largest Bungee Jump of 83meters .
Flying fox


A Zipline is a small cable car, often propelled by gravity,

Asia largest flying fox of 1 kms.


Gaint Swing Packages.

Asia largest Swing.


Paintball in Shivpuri has recently been introduced

Most Amazing Game in Rishikesh

Book only River Rafting Trip Packages

White Water River Rafting in Rishikesh, and Luxury Forest Camping in Shivpuri provides quality rafting facilities and excellent quality services. Visit Here and experience great rafting and luxury stay in wonderful jungle beaches by the holy river Ganga. Explore your adventurous journey at the weekend with friends and family amidst abundance and beauty.

We ensure a memorable adventure trip for all at excellent and Low prices. We offer different types of adventure sports, such as luxury camping in Shivpuri and river rafting and bungee jumping and Paragliding in Rishikesh.

rishikesh Tent
Shivpuri river Rafting@18kms

Rs 600 /-Per Person
18 KMS Ganga rafting, Transport, Cliff Jumping


River Rafting in Rishikesh Price
Rafting Starting PointsDistancePrice
Shivpuri to Ramjhula16 Km₹ 1000
Marine Drive to Shivpuri10 Km₹ 600
Marine Drive to Ramjhula25 Km₹ 1500
Barahampuri to Ramjhula9 Km₹ 600
Camping and River Rafting in Rishikesh Price
Rafting Starting PointsDistancePrice
Camping + Shivpuri Rafting 16 Km ₹ 1500
Camping + Marine Drive to Shivpuri Rafting 10 Km ₹ 1200
Camping + Marine Drive Rafting 25 Km ₹ 2000
Camping + Barahampuri Rafting 9 Km ₹ 1200

How to reach Rishikesh

Rishikesh is well-connected to major cities in India by road, rail, and air. The nearest airport is the Jully Grant Airport in Dehradun, around 35 kilometers from Rishikesh. The nearest railway station is Haridwar, around 25 kilometers from Rishikesh. Rishikesh is also well-connected by road, with buses and taxis from major cities like Delhi, Haridwar, and Dehradun.

By Air:

New Delhi to (Jully Grant) Dehradun's direct flight is one of the best ways to travel by air. The nearest airport is (Jully grant airport) Dehradun. It's at a distance of 24 km.

By Train:-

Railway station is well-connected to Haridwar station, and Haridwar railway station is well-connected to India's major city stations such as Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Varanasi, and Kulkata.

It's one-hour travel by road from Haridwar to Yoga City, and one can travel by bus, auto, or a taxi.

By Bus:

Yoga City has excellent road connectivity. Reaching here by bus or car is possible from many cities such as Delhi, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Shimla, and Haridwar. Non AC and AC buses are all available both from private and govt entities.

It takes 6 hours to cover a distance of 230 km from Delhi to Yoga City.


When to Go Camping at Rishikesh

The best time to go Best camps in Rishikesh is from September to June, with the peak season being from March to June. During these months, the weather is pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 35°C, making it perfect for outdoor activities. However, if you want to avoid crowds, you may want to plan your trip during the off-season from July to August.


Types of Camping at Rishikesh

Regarding camps in Rishikesh, you can choose from a range of options, depending on your preferences and budget. Some of the most popular types of camping are:

  • Luxury Camping: If you are looking for a luxurious camping experience, Rishikesh has some great options. Luxury camps offer all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay, including a king-sized bed, air conditioning, a private bathroom, and even a personal butler. These camps are usually near the Ganges River and offer stunning views of the surrounding hills.

    Adventure Camping: If you are an adventure enthusiast, you will love the adventure camps in Rishikesh. These camps offer a range of adventure activities, including Rafting, kayaking, bungee jumping, rock climbing, and more. The camps are usually located in the middle of the forest and offer a unique experience of living in the wild.

    Budget Camping: For those on a budget, Rishikesh has a range of camps offering a comfortable and affordable stay. These camps are usually located on the banks of the Ganges River and offer basic amenities like a tent, a sleeping bag, and a campfire.

    Family Camping: If you are traveling with your family, Rishikesh has a range of family camps offering a safe and comfortable environment. These camps offer activities for children, like nature walks, bird watching, and storytelling sessions, while providing the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay.

Tips for Camps in Rishikesh

  • Make sure to book your camp in advance, especially during the peak season, to avoid any last-minute hassles.
  • Make sure to carry warm clothes, as the evenings can get chilly, even during the summer.
  • Carry comfortable shoes, as most adventure activities invulve trekking or walking on uneven terrain.
  • Carrying your own water bottle is recommended, as the water in Rishikesh may not be safe to drink.
  • Respect the local culture and customs, and dress modestly, especially when visiting temples or other spiritual places.


Accommodation Options

There are plenty of camping options in Rishikesh, ranging from basic tents to luxury cottages. Some of the most popular camping options in Rishikesh include:

  • Luxury Tents: Luxury tents are the way to go if you want a luxurious camping experience. These tents come with comfortable beds, attached bathrooms, and all the amenities of a luxury hotel.

    Swiss Tents: Swiss tents are a popular option for those seeking a comfortable camping experience. These tents come with comfortable beds and basic amenities like attached bathrooms.

    Dome Tents: Dome tents are a popular option for those seeking an essential camping experience. These tents come with sleeping bags and may or may not have attached bathrooms.

    Eco-cottages: E-cottages is an excellent choice for those looking for a more sustainable option. These cottages are built using eco-friendly materials and are designed to blend in with the natural surroundings.

Discovering Rishikesh: The Ultimate Camping Destination

In India, the northern kingdom of Uttarakhand is domestic to Rishikesh. With the help of the Himalayan foothills, it is encircled and stands at an elevation of 372 metres above sea degree. Situated on the meeting point of the Ganges and Chandrabhaga rivers, the metropolis is famend for each its scenic beauty and spiritual importance.

When it comes to camping in Rishikesh, there are numerous remarkable locations. In Rishikesh, a number of the more nicely-liked locations for tenting are:

By the Ganges:

One of the most properly-liked tenting places in Rishikesh is through the Ganges. There are numerous campsites along the river, presenting lovely views of the surrounding hills and the water. Adventure sports like as kayaking, hiking, and rafting are to be had at most campgrounds.

In the Hills:

The foothills of the Himalayas around Rishikesh, and tenting in the hills is a brilliant possibility to take in the location's breathtaking surroundings. The hills are domestic to some of campgrounds that offer a tranquil placing for traffic wishing to loosen up and get again in contact with nature.

Adjacent to Waterfalls:

Rishikesh is home to several lovely waterfalls, and setting up tent adjacent to them is a extraordinary opportunity to take in their majesty up close. Neer Garh Waterfall, Patna Waterfall, and Garud Chatti Waterfall are many of the maximum well-known waterfalls in Rishikesh.

Adjacent to Wildlife Sanctuaries:

Rishikesh is the vicinity of numerous natural world sanctuaries that offer an overview of the local plants and animals. A incredible opportunity to take in the natural splendor of the place and notice a variety of species, along with tigers, elephants, and leopards, is to camp near these natural world sanctuaries.

You are assured to have an excellent and unforgettable time camping anywhere in Rishikesh. The city is a great location for camping and journey sports due to its rich cultural beyond and stunning natural environment.

Packing Essentials for a Camping Trip in Rishikesh

If you're planning a camping trip in Rishikesh, here are some packing essentials to consider:

  1. Warm Clothes: Rishikesh can get chilly at night in the winter months, so make sure you pack warm clothes, including a jacket, sweater, and thermals.

    Proper Footwear: Make sure you bring appropriate footwear, like hiking shoes or boots, for trekking or any other activity you plan to participate in.

    Insect Repellent: Mosquitoes and other bugs can be a nuisance, so bring insect repellent to protect yourself from bites.

    First Aid Kit: Always carry a small kit with basic supplies like bandages, antiseptic, and pain relievers.

    Flashlight and Batteries: A flashlight or headlamp is necessary to navigate your campsite at night. Bring extra batteries or a power bank to keep your devices charged.

    Toiletries: Remember to pack basic toiletries like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, and shampoo.


By packing these essentials, you'll be well-prepared for a fun and comfortable camping experience in Rishikesh.

Camping and Rafting in Rishikesh: An Unforgettable Experience

Camping and Rafting are two of the maximum popular journey sports in Rishikesh. The metropolis is located within the foothills of the Himalayas, and the Ganges River flows via it, providing the perfect placing for tenting and Rafting.

Camping in Shivpuri is a completely unique enjoy that allows you to get away the hustle and bustle of the metropolis and get toward nature. Several campsites in and around Rishikesh offer quite a number lodging alternatives, from luxury tents to eco-cottages. These campsites are in scenic locations, surrounded with the aid of lush greenery, and offer a serene and peaceful environment this is perfect for a chilled camping journey.

On the alternative hand, Rafting is an interesting journey invulving navigating the Ganges River rapids in a raft. Rishikesh is thought for its rafting opportunities, and people from all over India and abroad come right here to enjoy the fun of rafting at the Ganges. The river has different grades of rapids, starting from easy to difficult, making it suitable for every body, from beginners to experienced rafters.

Many of the Rishikesh campsites offer rafting applications and tenting facilities. These packages consist of a rafting experience on the Ganges and other journey activities like kayaking, mountain climbing, and rappelling. The campsites additionally offer all the essential system and protection gear for Rafting.

Camping and Rafting in rishikesh hmake for a really perfect combination, as they both will let you uniquely and thrillingly enjoy nature's splendor. After a day of rafting and journey activities, you may go back to your campsite, loosen up by the bonfire, and enjoy a delicious meal below the stars. Some campsites additionally provide yoga and meditation instructions, allowing you to unwind and rejuvenate after an motion-packed day.

In conclusion, camping and Rafting are two of the most popular adventure activities in Rishikesh, and they offer a unique way to experience nature's beauty in the Himalayas' foothills. With so many campsites and rafting operators to choose from, you can easily plan a camping and rafting trip that meets your preferences and requirements. So, gather your friends, pack your bags, and prepare for an unforgettable Rishikesh adventure!

Yoga Tourist Spot

Everyone knows the benefits of yoga. But, there is a big change between doing yoga in a pulluted city or hills of pure nature. Shivpuri is a spot where you can find many teachers who teach meditation and yoga. Tourists from all regions of the world get the best of these. Several popular yoga and meditation centers are given below-

  • Paramarth Niketan :- There are more than 1000 rooms at this ashram.
  • Shivanand Ashram.
  • Omkarananda Ganga Sadan. The ashram is open to everyone, but booking for yoga session must be made before months in advance.
  • Sadhana Mandir and Ram Sadhaka Ashram
  • Swami Dayanand
  • Shri Mahesh Heritage Meditation
  • Yog Niketan

FAQ About Rishikesh Camping


    Yes, Camping at Rishikesh is safe.

    Ans. The peak season for camps in Rishikesh is between the months of starting March to last June and fully season September to June. This is the peak season to enjoy all the adventure activities in Rishikesh. To make a full trip, avoid camping in the rainy season.


    Shivpuri, Ghattu ghat, Mohan Chatti, Kaudiyala are the best places for cams at Rishikesh.

    Ans. Yes, its lawfully permitted to camps in Rishikesh. Thanks to some issues regarding pollution, Beach camps in Rishikesh was banned in 2015. However, other types of camping are going on. Currently, Rishikesh has many beautiful camping sites that provide an excellent experience to the tourists. Some popular camping destinations of the destination include - Shivpuri, Bayasi, Kaudiyala, Ghaut-Ghat, Mohanchatti, Tapovan, Marine Drive, and Katya. Rishikesh kinds of camping are - Beach Camping, Jungle Camping, Luxury Camping, and Deluxe Camping.


    Most Helpful & Important Information for Camping And Rafting Carry List for All Visitor

    1. Helmets & river rafting gears.
    2. Other required safety accessories.
    3. Safari Bags or Backpacks Only.
    4. A Pair of Good Quality & Comfortable Shoes.
    5. Cotton Socks 2 Pairs, A Torch, Slippers, Trek Suit, Cap, Shorts 1 Pair.
    6. Fast-drying shorts & Swimming costume for the river.
    7. Waterproof disposable camera with Power Bank(Full Battery Charge).
    8. Mobile with Power Bank (Electricity may be off).
    9. Only Use old Sneakers & River Sandals. Do not use flip-flops.
    10. We provide Rafting Assistance & Gear.
    11. Splash life jackets & River Rafting Guide.
    12. Comfortable & strong Wear For Change 3 Pairs, During Winters A Pullover And Jacket).
    13. Water Sack Min 1lit., Nourishing And Light Snacks, Toilet Accessories.
    14. Pen And Diary.
    15. Personal Medicine.
    16. Camera / Binoculars.
    17. Battery Torch, water glasses & Sunglasses withholding the cord.
    18. First Aid Box,
    19. Odomos, Sunscreen Lotion, and Antiseptic Cream.


    Rishikesh is a small city in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, known as the "Yoga Capital of the World." It is also a popular destination for adventure activities such as river rafting, trekking, and camping, due to its location in the foothills of the Himalayas.

    Ans. Yes, Rishikesh is an excellent destination for camping, with various campsites available that offer stunning views of the Himalayas and the Ganges River.


    The best time to go camps in Rishikesh is from September to June, as the weather is pleasant and there is less chance of rain. Due to heavy rainfall, July and August are the monsoon season, which can make camping difficult.

    Ans. There are several campsites in Rishikesh, including luxury campsites, eco-camps, adventure camps, and spiritual camps. Each offers a unique experience and caters to different types of travelers.

    Ans. Most campsites in Rishikesh offer tents, usually equipped with bedding, blankets, and basic amenities like a charging point and a light.

    Ans. Yes, Rishikesh offers a range of adventure activities to do while camping, including river rafting, bungee jumping, zip-lining, kayaking, trekking, and more.

    Ans. It would be best to pack essentials such as warm clothing, comfortable shoes, a flashlight, toiletries, a water bottle, and any medications you may need. Packing sunscreen, insect repellent, and a first aid kit is also a good idea.

    Ans. Most campsites in Rishikesh provide essential camping gear like tents, sleeping bags, and mats. However, you should bring your own gear if you have specific requirements or preferences.

    Ans. Most campsites in Rishikesh provide meals, which are usually vegetarian and consist of local dishes like dal, rice, vegetables, and chapati. Some campsites may offer a wider variety of food, including non-vegetarian options.

    Ans. You can book a camping trip in Rishikesh through various travel websites and tour operators or directly with the campsites themselves. It is a good idea to research the options available and read reviews from other travelers before booking.

    Ans. There may be age restrictions for certain adventure activities, depending on the operator and the type of activity. However, camping is suitable for all ages and is an excellent way for families and groups to bond and spend time in nature.

    Ans. The length of your camping trip to Rishikesh will depend on your schedule and the activities you want to do. Many travelers spend 2-3 days in Rishikesh to experience the highlights of the region, while others may choose to stay longer to explore the