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Best Time To Visit Rishikesh Visit River Rafting Season

Rishikesh is a pleasant tourist destination affording alluring views all overall season.

The climate/Wether here is a global type but its location(position in Himalaya) in the hills foot gives it a splendid climate/weather whole the year. Anyone can be visit Rishikesh ANY of time in the year.

However, the best time to travel to Rishikesh would be February to April, July August-October.

May June is hot at Rishikesh touching + 30 °C.

Best Time - Season to Visit Rishikesh for River Rafting

One of the best times to travel to Rishikesh for Rishikesh Rafting is from last September to October to last November, after that best time to travel rafting Rishikesh is from last Feb - last June.

After June there is a festival held in Rishikesh called "Savan" where millions of people come to Rishikesh. Major ways are blocked and hotels crowded. It's good to avoid coming to Rishikesh during July.

What is the Best Season to Go to Visit Rafting Adventure Rishikesh?

Except for the monsoon, which extends from July to September, white water rafting Rishikesh is in the tremendous market. The months of February and March and April and May and October and November eyewitness the tremendous number of rafters gathering here from all across the globe. It's throughout these months when several rafting expeditions take place.

Which are the Different Activities That Yourself Can Experience in Rishikesh?

Being a partaker in an adventure vacation in Rishikesh, one is clearly going to leave for activities like bungee jumping, camping, kayaking, fox flying, mountain biking, hiking, yoga, rock climbing AND rappelling, and meditation. Moreover, while camping in Rishikesh one can also indulge in sports like badminton, volleyball, and cricket and team games like passing the ball, raft building (with bamboo sticks), musical chair, and go as you like.
So activities inside the resort allow you to get intimate with other groups.

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