Best Beach Camping In Rishikesh.

We are Managing, Best Beach Camping at Rishikesh.

We give nice camps, riverside beaches at the holy Ganga. You are safe with us. With Beach camps Rishikesh you could sense the feeling of nature exactly and can have a holiday like never back. We give the visitors with extraordinary camp set up near the Holy Ganga beaches. The friendly surroundings, chirpy birds, and natural water will certainly leave you to spell restricted. Aside from traveling and worshiping the mystical River Ganga, you can revel in a class of adventure trips like bungee jumping, river rafting, jungle camping trips given by us. There is blank bigger than mingling the relaxing excursion with some adventures. The comfort given by us attains with a feeling of luxe and are remarkably comfortable. We adopt full management of the safety of our travelers. We provide all the necessities of the tourist during the tour.

Our tested team will see the guests visiting with us so that they could savor their expedition entirely.

Lying amidst the foothills of the Himalayas, this Beach Camp in Rishikesh overlooks the holy Ganges thus presenting a completely mesmerizing spectacle to its visitors. A perfect getaway, the beach camp offers a complete outdoor experience with white water rafting at its very best.

Our Beach Camp is located a few kilometers upstream from Rishikesh on a secluded sandy beach by the Ganga. The camp is known for its utmost emphasis on safety and efficient staff.

Activities at the Beach camp: The camp acts as a base for many adventure activities like river rafting, beach volleyball, nature walks, bird watching, cliff jumping, team games, antakshari, and other games during the bonfire.

The camp has common dry pit toilets. These are eco-friendly waterless toilets, due to government restrictions.

Due to environmental issues, we do not have electricity at the camp, but lanterns will be provided in the evening.

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